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Hon'ble Chief Minister
Himachal Pradesh


Hon'ble Education Minister
Himachal Pradesh

Shri Rakesh Kanwar Secretary

Shri Rakesh Kanwar
Secretary (Education) 
Govt of Himachal Pradesh

Dr. Amarjeet K Sharma Director of Hr. Education Himachal Pradesh

Dr. Amarjeet K Sharma
Director of Hr. Education 
Himachal Pradesh

About Department


Education is a multipurpose process, which not only inculcate social, economic and cultural awareness in humanity, but is also an important medium for grasping and promoting life enhancing values among human beings .It awakens the potential among people so that they are able to recognise truth, beauty and goodness. Value education propels mind and soul towards achieving equilibrium which enhances the personality and promotes mental and spiritiual strength as well as clarity and resolution in one's aims. Actually, education is an ever continuum and open ended process and its true objective is to civilize humankind. Keeping these objectives in mind, the department has made tremendous progress in the field of education. Primary education has been made compulsory in the state. To encourage the education of the girl child, it is being provided free of cost, at all levels with the purpose of ushering qualitative reforms in education. The decision to bring an end to the practice of cheating during examinations, prevalent among students and that of taking tuitions by the teacher is a milestone with the objective of providing an exposure to the latest teaching skills to the teachers, extensive training programmes have been ogranized. In  future they would be further strengthened. In addition to these significant steps in the field of education.

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